Tired of social media?

So was I.

I'm tired of increasingly toxic comments sections. I'm tired of being force-fed ads I don't want to see. I'm tired of being mined for my data. I'm tired of chasing "The Algorithm" trying to get my content seen.


Remember how cool it was to make your first Facebook page? How awesome it was to share your first photo on Insta? How grateful you were when you received a nice comment from a total stranger on Reddit?

Despite its issues, social media still has the potential to be a major source of good in the world. However, the last two decades have shown us that traditional social media can easily do tremendous harm if we're not careful.

We need a paradigm shift in social media that does away with the anarchy and brings order into the chaos of connection. We need a platform that takes control away from the supercomputers and bloated corporations, and gives it back to the people.

That's why I created Digitari.

So what is Digitari?

Digitari transforms traditional social media into a game!

Like many platforms, users create posts on Digitari and can respond to other posts. However, I added three gamified features that change everything.

1. Digicoin

Digicoin is Digitari's in-game currency that lets you do just about everything. Including post content.

Unlike other platforms, you have total control over how many people receive your content. It just costs digicoin. Want 10,000 people to see your latest doge meme? Not a problem. That'll be 100,000 digicoin 😊.

The first way you earn digicoin is by viewing other people's content. This will earn you enough coin to reach a fair number of people.

However, you also earn coin when other people like or respond to your content. Therefore, the best way to consistently reach a large audience is by creating engaging content.

2. Convos

Comments sections suck. They're where decent people become horrifying monsters.

So I replaced them with Convos!

A Convo is like a mini text conversation between you and a post creator about their post. This allows you to have a quick, coherent back-and-forth with another user about something that drew your attention.

Unlike traditional comments, Convos only become visible to the platform after the post creator has responded. So unlike other platforms, if you want your responses to show up, you have to be nice!

3. Tiers 😇

Your Digitari tier is an emoji that shows everyone whether you're nice or whether you're a troll. You improve your tier by having successful Convos, and your tier is harmed when other people block your posts or messages.

Not only is your tier a social indicator, but Digitari distinctly rewards users with higher tiers. Higher tiered users earn more digicoin from post responses, and Digitari shows responses from higher tiered users first.

Basically, if you want to engage with more people, you need a high tier, so you gotta be nice.

Anything else?

Basically, Digitari makes social media way more fun, way more transparent, and way less toxic.

There are a couple other features I didn't cover here, and you'll have to download the app to discover them 😉. I hope you'll join me on my journey to make the internet a better place!

-- Danny Geisz, Founder